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Let’s welcome EAB and check out this new offering!

Title: Black Snow

Author: EAB

Genre: Fantasy

Publisher: Dreamspinner

Publication Date: 11/7/16

Word Count: 162,045

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I’d like to thank Dreamspinner Press and Jana for hosting me today. Throughout my career I’ve had quite a few people message me about my writing process, so I decided to share my secrets here! I figure I’ve got about 500 words to kill, so why not. Step 1. Brainstorm- Just letting the ideas glob and gel together in my brain. A good way to do this is to read a ton. It oils the gears in your head and gets the story juices flowing.

Step 2. Organize- Getting all the research stuff I need. Looking up words, cultures, histories. Creating character names, charts, profiles. Figuring out whether it’s going to be a novella, novel or short story!

Step 3. Outline- Creating a basic outline for the story. Later I expand this outline to include specific dates and major scenes. I also figure out what the climax of my story is.

Step 4. Write it!!!- And I try not to just stare at the computer. I don’t worry too much about editing. I just write the story as it comes to me, and pray I don’t fall asleep in front of the laptop! If I have writers block I take a break and read a book, but that rarely happens once the engines are revved.

Step 5. Writing induced stress- It’s inevitable. It’s going to happen. Just accept it and deal with it! I deal with it by taking a hot bath and reading some good old fashioned smut.

Step 6. Edit- Editing is hard work, but it’s necessary! This is the fun part where you go back and get to ask yourself a million times, “What the f%*k did I just write?”

Step 7. Submit- This is the part where you get to freak out about whether or not your manuscript will be accepted!

Step 8. Self- loathing- Congratulations, you wrote a book. Too bad you’re rereading it for the seventh time and realize it’s terrible.

Step 9. Acceptance- Holy crap they actually want my book?!

Step 10. Contracts- Holy crap they really DO want my book!

Congratulations. You’ve now completed my writing steps. Relax, rinse, and repeat! Thanks for reading my silly blog! I hope that you’ll follow me along my tour for excerpts of Black Snow, giveaways and the special alternate ending at the end of the blog tour! Thanks again!

Blurb: Prince Brier Snow has lived in the shadow of King Snow’s exalted memory. However, his fate changes when he nears his majority and Lirend’s steward queen attempts to dethrone him by exploiting an obscure requirement in the late king’s will: a yearlong sabbatical.

Brier travels to the desolate land of Aire to train under the Ceve guild, scorned refugees of war, including their guarded leader, Roland. Brier’s skillful master unlocks hidden potential, and what begins as a dutiful bond turns into ill-fated affection. When Brier returns to the capital, he’s carrying proof of his indiscretions with Roland—and his condition grows more apparent with each passing day. An affair with the huntsman is a scandal Brier’s enemies can use against him, but the birth of an heir is a burden even Brier is not sure he can bear.

Roland Archer, a man with a murky past, is skeptical of the contract to train the prince but willing to do anything for the guild’s freedom. Despite his best intentions, he is smitten by Lirend’s future king. Roland has resigned himself to solitude, but fate has other plans—for him, for Brier, and for Lirend’s oppressed subjects. Can Roland help Brier face a power-hungry queen and a country torn asunder? Either they will bring equality to a land that desperately needs it, or they’ll be thwarted by cunning enemies and an illusory curse.

Buy link: Dreamspinner // Amazon // Barnes & Noble’s

EAB’s BIO: EAB is an airline steward/stewardess—depending on the day—who loves writing erotic fiction. This translates to serving Wild Turkey bourbon at 38,000 feet and writing smut at 3:00 a.m. EAB spends free-time role-playing and reading. While EAB’s true passion is writing, EAB also enjoys reaching high scores in nerdism, spending time with family (cats included), and watching anime. An East Coaster at heart, EAB loves New York’s Broadway and greasy, heartburn-inducing pizza. Feel free to drop a line or recommend some good reads! Always looking for a new book to devour!

Contact information: email Facebook Goodreads

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