Christmas Story Land

We’ve entered the time of 1001 Christmas stories showing up and I have to admit, I’m not really one for seasonal clothing, seasonal songs or seasonal fiction. I don’t go looking for it. That said, I do know many people DO love the stuff and usually I have some Christmas fiction or other. This year I do not. Oh, I might put up a flash fic freebie on my blog but I have nothing for sale this year.

I’m not sure why. Certainly almost every LGBT publisher I know has open calls for Christmas (I’d rather they have them for Halloween but that’s another story.) Somehow I missed that Dreamspinner, who I publish with frequently, had one with the theme of humbug, which would have been perfect for me, truthfully. I’d have whipped out a Krampus story or something.

Granted when I have written holiday stories they haven’t been super Christmasy. I’m just not hugely into writing purely contemporary things, though the one published contemporary I have written is a holiday story (The Light in Winter). It is about the winter solstice though (A druid professor showing his Christian lover how his religious practices worked and is set in Wales).

But since this post isn’t about promotion (I’ll work that up soon, maybe for Sunday Small Talk) I won’t mention my other stories here. Instead I’ll ask, does anyone have a favorite LGBT holiday story? Do you have something you’d like to see in a holiday story? Feel free to share the love.

I actually AM working on a Steampunk Christmas story for next year. Either it’ll get picked up by an open call or if nothing else, I could give my hand a try at self publishing it, maybe giving the proceeds to charity. We shall see but I though why not try writing it now while I’m marginally in the mood? And I do mean marginally.

Election aside, I’ve had some of the worst depression I’ve had in nearly a decade (and yeah that dumpster fire of an election did nothing to help). It’s been a hold on by your fingernails sort of year. I had two months where I barely climbed out of the basement and when I did I had to help mom clean out Grandma’s house. It was in the family 100 years. Last week, someone new owned it. We always thought I would take it but there is no work there (bet there will be before January’s out because that’s my luck).

So uncontrolled depression + arthritis agony + diabetes has not made for a very merry Christmas so far. It explains though why I haven’t written much but that is a post for another time as well.

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