Release Day for Once Upon a Time in the Weird West!

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Yeehaw, Once Upon a time in the Weird West is out and you’ll want to grab this one faster than a gunslinger clears leather. You can get it from Dreamspinner Press and they’re having a 30% off sale right now so how great is that? So come celebrate with me and my fellow contributors, Shira Anthony, Kim Fielding, Venona Keyes, Jamie Fessenden, Tali Spencer, Lex Chase, Carroll S Poe, Nicole Kimberling, Gin Hale, Astrid Amara & Langley Hyde. Can’t tell you how excited I am for this anthology!

*  photo IMG_1513_zpssmebr8dj.jpg (The hills around Virginia City)

You can find out why I set my story in Virginia City at my post for the blog tour here . I had so much fun writing a steampunk story that I really went overboard with it and had to trim it up (who knows, one day the longer version might make an appearance). In Corpse Powder you have a Jewish doctor, a Navajo airship man and an evil wizard and no end of troubles.

The Territorial Enterprise even made it into the story (though I had to cut the part about Mark Twain for length, pouts) *  photo IMG_1508_zpskdnxtlyj.jpg

Anthology Blurb This isn’t the same old Wild West. The usual suspects are all present: cowboys, outlaws, and sheriffs. There’s plenty of dust, tumbleweeds, horses, and cattle on the range, but there are also magical gems, automatons, elementals, airships… even dinosaurs and genetically modified insects. Roaming among the buffalo and coyotes, you’ll encounter skinwalkers, mad engineers, mythical beings cloaked in darkness, and lovers who stay true to their oaths… even beyond the grave. On this frontier are those at the mercy of their own elaborate devices as well as men whose control of time and space provides a present-day vision of the West. There might even be a dragon hidden amongst the ghost towns and wagon trains.

If you like your Westerns with a splash of magic, a touch of steampunk, and plenty of passionate romance between men, these genre-bending tales will exceed expectations.

Hold on to your hats, cowboys and cowgirls. The West is about to get weird, and you’re in for a hell of a ride.

Blurb for Corpse Powder : Doctor Isaac Adler came to Virginia City, Nevada, to escape the horrors he witnessed during the War between the States. Despite a living in a thriving Jewish community, Isaac’s having trouble finding his faith… and finding work. Just when he’s contemplating leaving the desert, life takes an unexpected turn when the airship Aurora is attacked by pirates and Isaac is called upon to help the wounded.

The ship’s first mate, Tsela “Alexander” Zhani, is also trying to outrun a nightmare, his in the form of the powerful skinwalker who drove him from his Navajo village. Tsela’s friendship with the handsome doctor responsible for saving the lives of his friends gives both men a fragile hope for a better future. But their demons aren’t as far behind them as they thought.

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And look, it’s already earned one 5 star review here

*All the photos were taken by my Dad when he was in Virginia City this year and used with his permission. Hope they gave you a taste of my setting, just try to imagine it without the cars…

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