Sunday Small Talk

I have little more to say than last sunday but since I want to get back into blogging some, here I am. I will have a few holiday flash fic coming up technically after Christmas. They’ll be in the Kept Tears and Soldiers of the Sun universe.

I’ve come up with some of the stuff I forgot for These Haunted Hills which makes me happy. I haven’t had much time to write it or the the SF novella between cleaning house, packing the car and now I’m back in Pittsburgh. I doubt I’ll have much free time while I’m home for the holidays. I will share pictures of Mom’s decorating skills but another day. I spent my first day here wrapping gifts for forever. I haven’t had a chance to photograph everything.

At least Kanda is content to sleep under the tree with no signs of wanting to climb it. He’s too lazy to get in much trouble. I have to admit, I like that.

I’m also doing some fandom things. I only write fanfic for the holidays these days but I do so enjoy doing it.

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