Sunday Small Talk

It’s been a few weeks mostly because I’ve been swamped by edits. I’m still swamped by edits. Probably the less said about editing the better. Sometimes you get an editor who really gets what you’re trying to do and makes you feel great. Sometimes you get one you’re pretty sure wishes they were somewhere else and makes you feel like you shouldn’t be allowed to touch a keyboard. Sometimes you edit your own stuff and wonder ‘was I high when I wrote this crap?’ Regardless editing definitely deepens my depression much of the time.

So edits aside, what else have I been up to? Well okay editing Blood Red Roulette round two which is what is burning up most of my time. I edited and sent my SF novella off to the betas. I’m pretty happy with it. I didn’t go through too much ‘I hate this’ with this story. I hope that means it’s halfway decent. I was afraid it wouldn’t end up long enough but it did top out at 31K just long enough. I didn’t want to pad it The ending might still need work but I have a few weeks yet.

I also finished and sent in my flash fic for Queer Sci-Fi’s contest. The theme is Impact. I did a lesbian paranormal. I’m not sure about it in terms of the contest but I like it. I will tell you 300 words as the limit is brutal. It definitely teaches you how to pick what is absolutely necessary.

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