Sunday Small Talk

Happy mother’s day.

I’ve been quiet because I’ve been busy editing. I had to get Blood Red Roulette done and then I had to edit the SF novella before the deadline got here and once that was done, BRR was back for edits again, right in the middle of the last two weeks of my semester.

It was taking me forever on the edits as it was (day job has a lot of hours involved) so I didn’t think it was smart or right to divert my attention too much.

Now that I probably won’t see BRR back for at least another week or two, I’m trying to get a Christmas story done and I think the deadline was moved up. Yikes. I’m not sure it’s going well. I have the idea but man, contemporary is not my thing. Hopefully I can pull it off as a short story.

I’m eyeing the open call at Less Than Three press for a post apocalyptic solarpunk leaning story but my writing mojo which was so strong this winter is dwindling. That’s depressing but I’m hoping the summer off will help me recharge.

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