Sunday Small Talk

Uber small this week because I have no notes ready for class this week nor is the solarpunk story done. I want both done by tonight. Also had to get the galley proofs in for my holiday contemporary story Purrfect Holiday which are back in.

Life was on hold writing wise this week anyhow as I concentrated on making the world not spin (inner ear infection)

So here are those links I wanted to share. Happy writing.

From around the web – tweet on the joy of handwriting by Neil Gaiman (just because it captures how I feel)

Why You Can’t Afford to Run Out of Ideas

Trust In The Process

How to Write a Galley Letter (And Get Book Reviews)

Jewel words, crux and flavor words, and everything in between

How to Use Deus Ex Machina Like Stephen King

Why a Good Cover Sells More Books The problem with this is hiring a good cover artist could cost more than you’re going to make (hopefully not but…)

How to Use the Three-Act Structure to Actually Finish Writing Your Novel

The Writer: Episode #1

Six Tips on Writing from John Steinbeck

Things I Wish I Had Known Before Self-Publishing My Book

My Five Favorite Books On Writing

A Writing Career Is A Series Of Cliff-Mitigation Exercises

Ian McEwan’s Advice for Aspiring Writers

How to Promote Your Book

31 Podcasts For Every Type Of Book Lover

What Type Of Book Editing Do You Need? And When?

And from my friend

Six Pieces of Misunderstood Storytelling Advice

Why English Needs Singular They

The Chunky Method ~ By Allie Pleiter

5 Unconventional Book Launch Ideas from Professional Marketers

What Puts the “Super” in Supervillain?

How to Write a Synopsis Agents Will Notice

eBook Pricing Strategies to Sell More Books and Maximize Author Earnings

SECONDARY CHARACTERS: The Good, The Bad & The Quirky

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