Rainbow Snippet

I’m so overworked and brain dead I thought my release was yesterday for Cassadaga Nights (I did a count down and everything.) It’s Monday. Head desk. Also sitting here looking at the west coast with such dread and sadness.

So I’llbe continuing with my paranormal novella Cassadaga Nights. Have I mentioned that I used to live in the psychic commune of Cassadaga for a few years? It is an odd, fun little place. I’m continuing on with Ryan’s first sighting of Santino at a psychic reading. Lisa is Ryan’s mentee in how to do readings.

Would it be ethical to break into Lisa’s reading if she wasn’t having trouble and hurry her along because Ryan really wanted to take this man’s hand? Touch governed his ability to read someone, visions sometimes coming to him when he didn’t want them. Sometimes knowing people too well by merely touching them, or something they valued, could be heartbreaking. It didn’t stop Ryan from wanting to hold this man’s hand. Watch it be one of the times his powers gave him diddly-squat.

Blurb : Santino Bellomi and his coworker, Cam, are sent to Cassadaga, Florida by the Aspida Pneuma, a group of psychics and mages. Their job is to rescue a nixie from a polluted lake and to check out the town, which is known for its psychics. New recruits to the Aspida are always welcome and where better than a spiritualist camp to hunt for them? What Santino wants most, however, is to finish the assignment quickly. He isn’t a fan of heat and humidity, and he’d looking forward to a well-earned vacation once the mission is over.

Ryan Doyle grew up in Cassadaga, where being psychic runs in the family. Ryan has never roamed far from home, though it’s hard being a geeky gay, wannabe urban fantasy author living in a small town. His job as one of the town psychics is fairly routine until he meets someone new. Ryan has never encountered anyone with a psychic shield so strong until Santino sits down for a reading. Intrigued, he asks Santino out even though Santino is as secretive as he is fun.

Santino hopes to win Ryan over both for himself and for the Aspida. And he’s hoping his skills in the kitchen will swing the balance in his favor. Ryan has almost given up on finding love, living in rural Florida. Can a seductive tourist be the answer to his dreams?

Things never run smoothly for those in the Aspida. What should have been a simple rescue mission is plagued by mosquitoes, enraged ghosts, and someone or something draining residents of their life force. Ryan’s first foray into adventure may be his last.

Pre Order it  here.

If you’d like to play along, Rainbow Snippets is a Facebook community where we post up 6 sentences of one of our LGBT stories every Saturday. It’s been fun and you can find it here. Be sure to check out all the offers! It’s been a great supportive group!

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