Rainbow Snippets

Have to say the week ended better than I hoped on Tuesday but I’m still mentally exhausted so I’m just dropping more of <i>These Haunted Hills</i> and running. It’s picking up with them finding Brendan’s lost pendant.

Josh stood, holding out his hand. “Let’s get off the ground.”

Brendan accepted the hand up. On wobbly legs, he made his way back inside and collapsed on the couch. Josh sat next to him, taking his hand.

Way to spectacularly ruin the mood.”

Josh raised their joined hands, kissing the back of Brendan’s. “Don’t worry about it. You still have wounds that haven’t healed. I get that.”

“Do you? It was part of what separated Kristen and me.” Brendan sighed, his eyes still watering. “Do you know what you’re letting yourself in for?” “Honestly, no but I’m willing to risk it.”

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