Rainbow snippets

Hope everyone had a nice holiday season in spite of it all, whichever you celebrate or do not as the case may be. I’m currently iced in, trying to catch up on things.

I’m back to <i>These Haunted Hills</i> This is the day after Brendan lost his pendant.

Brendan had left the cabin early in the morning  He’d been distant – Josh could understand why – but apologetic at the same time. He said he needed to go to Columbus for a day or two. There wasn’t much Josh could say to that. He could only hope things hadn’t been ruined between them entirely. It wasn’t his fault but reminding himself of that helped not at all. Brendan had kissed him but Brendan was also completely freaked out by the pendant. Maybe he did need time to himself. Josh couldn’t get past the fear Brendan had gone and wouldn’t be back.

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