Rainbow Snippets

One Day I won’t be running late but that day is not today.

Here’s a bit of a longer snippet of <i>These Haunted Hills</i>. Brendan is still talking with his ex about Josh as he shows her ghost hunting videos.

She started the second video but almost immediately paused it. She turned the phone toward him. “He is an absolute doll baby. How old is he? He can’t be old enough to have a PhD, I swear.”

“He does look  young but he has to be in his late twenties. He’s younger than us but he’s not a kid.”

“Bren, hon, what did he say when he saw this video?”

“Why do you ask?”

“Because your target zone seems a bit off in this.”

“Oh, that was the wrong one. I thought I saw something following Josh and I’m not that good with a camera.”

“Please. I’ve known you for decades. You’re fine with a camera. You’re not trying to spot a ghost. You’re following his ass.”

“Heather!” The blush on his face could have reheated the dregs of his cappuccino.

“You are! It’s a mighty fine ass, too.”

Brendan chuckled. “It is. His job has him hiking out in the woods all the time. His backside is toned!”

“And you can’t keep your eyes off it. Did you even let him see this video?”

“Shut it! Yes, I did. He believed me that I was trying to track a shadow.”

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