Rainbow snippets

I finally started editing These Haunted Hills, not much but this is the first real progress I’ve made on anything original since my injury. I’m picking up where I left off with this snippet with Josh seeing Brendan for the first time since he returned from Columbus.

“I got back a little while ago.” Brendan set his computer side so he could stand. “Did the raccoons mess with your camera again?”

“They won’t be doing it again, stupid things.” Josh huffed. “Or should I say smart things, tremendously ridiculously smart things. I hopefully have the cameras locked in better. I wouldn’t leave any trash around the pit. You’ll have them swinging off your chimney.”

How scary do they sound?” Brendan didn’t want a repeat of him freaking out about sounds in the night.

“Like giant rats climbing on the roof.”

“Perfect.” Brendan shuddered then closed the distance between them. He pulled Josh close, kissing him as if his life depended on it. Maybe not his life, but his nerve. The only thing ruining the moment was the stench of tick repellant. He wanted to lick Josh’s neck but it would probably taste like he smelled: awful.

“Mmm, that was a nice welcome back,” Josh said when Brendan let him up for air.

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