Rainbow Snippet

Still not back into the swing of things but I’m trying. And since I’m way behind in literally everything I’m dropping my snip and running. This is still from These Haunted Hills.

“And it’s you I care about, not the fanboy part of you. I mean that’s flattering of course but Josh, I like you for you. I came out as bi years ago to my fans when I wrote that into the series for John. If someone doesn’t want their kids reading my stories because I’m dating a man, it’s not going to matter to me. For every conservative dipshit who wants my books banned because of John’s orientation or mine, there are two people who’ll buy the books just because of the controversy. I want to be seen with you.”

Josh sighed. “Good. I haven’t told anyone. Well, it’s only been two days since you kissed me and god, I wanted to tell Cass but I haven’t. We hadn’t talked about it and the part of me that wants to shout to the world I’m with B.A. Halloran, the intelligent part of me knows that would be super uncool and disrespectful.”

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