Rainbow Snippets

Still chasing my own tail. I hate this feeling but I do have good news. The knee seems to be healing well and I went to the Bob Evans Farm Fest to relax a little so that was nice.

Picking up with These Haunted Hills. They’re outside the Wells home trying to get EVPs (as the home is boarded up)

“Did you get an EVP of Wells?” He glared after the dog. “We’re not going to get any tonight.”

“Hell no, not with all that noise. And no, I did get a few but nothing that leads me to believe it was Wells.”

“Can I hear them when we get home?”

Josh balked. Brendan could practically hear the wheels turning in his head. “One or two I guess. Not sure I have them all.”

“Why don’t you want me to hear them?” He didn’t point out again that Josh was a bad liar. He knew it.

“Honestly because one of them is a little kid calling for her daddy.”

Brendan caught his breath and sad nothing for several long moments. “Yeah I don’t want to hear that.”

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