Rainbow Snippet

I’m still failing to get much content here (or to actually edit this story) but I’m being pretty gentle with myself about it given everything that happened this year.

So have more of Cass and Josh talking about his relationship with Brendan. from These Haunted Hills

“Have you slept with him?”

Josh choked on the pancake. “Cass! What kind of question is that?”

A nosy one. It’s not like I’m asking for details unless you want to give me some.” She grinned.

“I most definitely am not other than yes I have slept with him.” He snagged some of the sushi. “And than his beard was itchy when we kissed and I’m glad he shaved it off.”

“He shaved? Good.”

“Yes, I know how you feel about men with beards.”

It doesn’t stop you from trying to grow on every hunting season,” she replied. “You end up looking like a goat.”

“A goat?” He pouted at her, hamming up the hurt.


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