Rainbow Snippets

I still haven’t gotten to where I want to be editing wise. I need to balance my hours in the day better. I want to try and get These Haunted Hills in for consideration in the next few months. It’s been done for more than a year but my injury took up all of last year.

So have some more of Cassia and Josh talking about his relationship with Brendan.

Cassia turned her attention to the tv, popping a piece of tofu into her mouth. She chewed slowly before asking, “Do you think it’s possible that his son is haunting him?”

“God, I hope not. He’s never said that he thinks so, but he keeps Connor close. That pendant he wears, it contains a little bit of Connor’s ashes.”

That’s somewhere between beautiful and depressing as hell.”

“That’s a perfect description of Brendan, truth be told.”

She bumped his shoulder. “Are you happy, Josh? I mean you’re usually very upbeat. Are you going to be able to handle this relationship?”

He shook his head, wishing to hell he could say yes without reservation. “I wish I knew. All I can do is try, right?”

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