Rainbow Snippets

There is a lot of new snow out there, the beautiful kind that clings to trees. I love hiking in this sort of snow and not being able to is making me sad. Monday I have to go back and have the blood flow in my leg reexamined as it might be failing post surgery.

I have more of These Haunted Hills for you again this week. Brendan and Josh are off on their next ghost hunting adventure in this scene.

“Do you think this is truly a ghost town?” Brendan eyed the dense knot of pines and exposed limestone as Josh drove the curvy road. “I don’t see too many signs there was ever much more than the hotel out here but there had to be something, right?”

Not a lot,” Josh agreed, peeking at the rear view. The rest of the team followed close behind them in two more vehicles as they headed for the hotel to do their first walk through as a team. He regretted now not waiting for them but he couldn’t have stopped himself from showing off to Brendan if he tried.

“I’m sure there was a general store, some homes maybe even a church. I haven’t been able to find a lot of turn of the century photos.” Josh scowled. “I guess I should say turn of the last century. It still feels like 1900 is the turn of the century as if 2000 never happened or is that just me?”

“It’s not just you. I haven’t found anything either, not for a lack of trying. I guess it allows me freedom to make stuff up. I like to be accurate.”

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8 thoughts on “Rainbow Snippets”

  1. Accuracy vs making stuff up is why I tend to write fantasy rather than stuff set in the real world. I can get lost in research rabbit holes and not surface for days.

    I do hope they can at least find some foundations or an overgrown graveyard or something.

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  2. Definitely. The current WIP is set in a made up city outside of Pittsburgh for just that reason. Oh they’re going back to the murder hotel, there’ll be plenty for them to get into there


    1. I know! I’ve become like the relatives I knew in the 60s and 70s who had been around in the 1880s and’90s. I thought that was still cool (and it kind of is!) Then there’s the line from Bewitched: “It seems that at the turn of the century, vanity prohibits my naming which…”

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