Rainbow Snippet

I almost forgot to do this because I’m unmoored in time and space with the ice storm. I kept my power luckily and oddly it’s been restive knowing I’m expected to go nowhere or do anything (even discounting yesterday’s zoom meeting). It’s been the recharge I’ve needed.

Still rolling on with These Haunted Hills. The guys are rolling up on the murder hotel with Josh’s ghost hunting team.

Brendan turned slightly on the seat, staring out the side window. “Josh, do you think that whatever it was that made us high tail it out of here last time will be around? Do these things have memories?”

“As for memories, there’s no agreement about that. I haven’t seen much in the way of that kind of intelligence. Most of what I’ve seen are often residual hauntings, which means they’re more like players on a screen. However, there’s an almost poltergeist like quality to the thing here, at least the one that was with us in the hotel room. What happened when we were outside.” Josh bit off his response.

“That was weird.”

“It’s never happened to me before. I know the twins have experienced things like that. I’m just hoping it was a ghost.”

Brendan wet his lips. “Do you mean shadow men or a demon or something?”

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