Rainbow Snippets

Missed yet another week. I was at Rathacon having fun with my airship group (the one I’m loosely basing Joshua’s on) and planned to do it the next day. AAAANDD my students successfully gave me the stomach flu that had been going around.

I’m picking up with Josh and Brendan out at the ruined murder hotel with his ghost hunting team. They are preparing to set up for a ghost hunting session.

Brendan jumped as their partners pulled up. “Fuck, I really am the panicky ghost hunter. This sucks.”

Josh laughed harder, nearly dropping the ladder. “You so are. I’m going to make sure Hunter keeps you in frame.”

You suck, Josh.”

You’d know.” Josh pursed his lips at him and Brendan flushed.

“Yeah, I certainly do.” Just what he didn’t need, thoughts of Josh’s full lips wrapped around his cock because the only thing more embarrassing than running from the ghosts would be running around with a giant hard on. If they were alone, he’d think about putting the bed of Josh’s truck to a different use but now the whole team was here bustling about. That was just the wet blanket he needed.

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