Rainbow Snippet

Trying to piece together the pieces of my heart after yesterday. I missed last week because it was my birthday.

I have something a little different for you this time. It’s from my story in the newly released Save the World hopepunk anthology. It features a poly family Yoshi and Raine and their husband, Michael and their children.

She found Raine in the kitchen working on dinner. She slipped her arms around her wife, kissing the warm brown skin of her shoulder. “Zucchinis again?”

Raine shook back her long curls and smiled at her. “You know it’s impossible to kill a zucchini. Slice it and it grows three more.”

Yoshi snorted, leaning against the rosy quartz countertop. “Need help with the canning?”

“I plan to send the evil spawn into the fields picking tomorrow.”

“Are you planning to use the hounds to herd them out there?” “More like drag.”

Find more about it (including buy links) here https://wordpress.com/post/janadenardo.com/3103

The Rainbow Snippet group can be found on Facebook. It’s a fun low-pressure snippet sharing group for LGBTQ+ fiction. Come join us. https://www.facebook.com/groups/RainbowSnippets

A fantastic city from the future.t.3d render

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