Rainbow Snippets

I’m back in Ohio getting ready for the new semester. Okay who am I kidding. I’m nowhere near ready.

Here’s a bit of a jump in These Haunted Hills. Brendan and Josh have gotten a call from the archaeologist looking into the graveyard they found on the site of the murder hotel.

“They dug up one of the graves.”


“Shana wants me to call. Do you mind?”

“No, let’s get out of the sun. I want to hear this.”

They found a tree sheltered bench and sat down. Josh called Shana back. “Hey, Shana, it’s Josh. Can I put you on speaker so Brendan can hear?”


He pushed the button. “What’s happening?”

“They took the bones they found in the first grave to the coroner and there were a few grave goods as well, if you want to call them that.”

“Such as?” Brendan asked, leaning against Josh’s shoulder.

“A few coins and some metal buttons. We’re were waiting for them to be cleaned but they look like they’ve been in the ground a long time. Anyhow, we got word today that all the coins are from around 1900 to 1910 and the button will take longer to trace its origin if we ever can. The coroner believes the bones have been in the ground a hundred years. He declared it an old graveyard or archaeologic site. The police are still interested in our findings since this was most likely a crime scene at the turn of the last century.”

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