Rainbow Snippets

Nope still can’t make a saturday to save my soul.

Have a little more of the dark space opera thing

As they blasted away from the only home he knew, Kaleo glanced around at the young people, who, like him, wanted a chance at a better life. Dovon should have been in the seat next to him. It was so damn unfair. Why did Dovon’s mom have to get so sick? Could she be faking it to keep her son around? He didn’t like to think that way. Still, this bunch he was with was less rough than Kaleo expected, a handsome group, but before he could assess the situation and make new alliances, a strange light-headedness washed over him. Who knew space flight would affect him so? Kaleo looked out a portal. The stars swam before his eyes and then the universe went out.

The Rainbow Snippet group can be found on Facebook. It’s a fun low-pressure snippet sharing group for LGBTQ+ fiction. Come join us. https://www.facebook.com/groups/RainbowSnippets

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