Rainbow Snippets

Well I am not off to a great snippety start but hopefully I’m getting my crap together now. I’m back to trying to get back to this story (work title Behind Blue Eyes) but I am still not quite there with These Haunted HIlls edits (mostly because work is being super extra)

Anyhow this is more like a freaking excerpt mostly because there was no place to break it to make it very interesting and it’s rather the pivotal plot point for the story. Aneurin (we met him last snippet) is from a ridiculously wealthy family but spends his time in his lab. He’s more interested in science than money. It’s his 30th birthday and his equally wealthy friends are giving him gifts, one that is going to horrify him.

“Well, Masozi and I pooled our gift,” Pherick said, catching Aneirin’s full attention. It would probably be something insanely expensive.

Aneirin’s mind raced through things he might want in that category. The list was surprisingly short. “You have my curiosity aroused,” Aneirin said, and his wariness, but he naturally kept that to himself.

That’s not what we want to arouse,” Masozi laughed.

Aneirin saw Mireio’s brow pinch. Her wary expression probably matched his. There was one thing he and Masozi differed on strongly. Well more than one thing. Masozi was an advocate for the Toy parties and full out orgies which had become part of their class’s favorite ways of blowing off steam. Aneirin’s late father had been trying to get the Toys outlawed. But there was one thing in the expensive arousal category, and it was something Pherick could be talked into doing. “You didn’t.”

“I know you’ve been a little down on the idea, but that’s a lot of your father talking,” Masozi said. “You need to relax a little.”

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