Rainbow Snippets

As I try to prepare a test for my microbiology class, I almost ran out of time to read and post (again). Doing these is making me want to pick this story up again soonish.

Last round of Behind Blue Eyes, Aneirin is dreading what his friend, Phelan, (who is the sharpest tool in the shed) and his buddy had gotten him for his birthday. He finally finds out.

The young man followed Rioke, head down as if determined not to look at the people around him. The light played on the poor Toy’s thick, raven hair, picking up a hint of sapphire and amethyst rosettes in it. His hair had been meticulously spiked and dressed with beads that twinkled and lit up like a field of stars.

“Masozi asked me what you liked and he got it with all the bells and whistles,” Pherick said, his tone getting more hesitant as he read the fury on Aneirin’s face.

“You gave me a sentient being as a gift,” Aneirin rasped out.

The Rainbow Snippet group can be found on Facebook. It’s a fun low-pressure snippet sharing group for LGBTQ+ fiction. Come join us. https://www.facebook.com/groups/RainbowSnippets


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