Rainbow Snippet

This week showed me a medical office working the way it should. I told my vascular surgeon’s office that I’m coming from 3 hours away and could they move the testing to my orthopedic surgeon’s day (3 days later) so I didn’t have to spend a week in a hotel or could they send the tests to Pittsburgh. They worked for days to get ALL my visits on one day. I still have a 3 hour trip and one day in a hotel (as the day begins at 7 AM) but I’m having all four visits at once and that’s pretty fantastic.

Have a little bit more of These Haunted Hills. I’m skipping a head a bit. Brendan is done meeting his ex in Columbus and has headed back to his cabin in the woods feeling a little more sure of himself.

Brendan drove up to the cabin, surprised to see Josh’s truck parked there. He hadn’t told Josh when he was going to be back. There had been a text alert when he was driving and he refused to look at those when he was behind the wheel. When he checked he saw a cryptic message. In the woods. Damn trash pandas.

From that Brendan assumed the cameras had gotten knocked aside again and Josh was out there somewhere fixing them. As tempting as it was to go play grizzly Adams with Josh, Brendan went inside and mixed up another dark and stormy heavy on the rich rum. He might need it because he wanted to pick up where he left off. He didn’t want to be drunk but Brendan needed to file the edge off.

12 thoughts on “Rainbow Snippet”

  1. I’m glad that the doctors were able to accommodate you and get all the appointments on the same day!
    I always found that I missed the mark when trying to file the edge down and ended up filing away until I’d taken leave of my senses.
    ~Cie from Naughty Netherworld Press~


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