Rainbow snippets

Prepping to go back to Columbus for a battery of vascular and orthopedic tests. They start so early in the morning i have to go down the day before but I’m hoping for good news.

I’m picking up this snippet (longer than lines) from when Brendan has come back from Columbus (ironically) and has decided to try and move past his son’s death. For reference, Josh is out in the woods fixing his trail cameras and doesn’t know Brendan is back and the pendant in question is the one made of his son’s ashes. These Haunted Hills

Leaving his drink on the table, he took off his pendant and tucked it reverently away inside his suitcase. There, he’d given himself permission to go that far. Brendan opened up his lap top as he settled down to write and wait on Josh. He assumed Josh would come knock on the door when he saw Brendan’s car. He hoped. No, maybe I should go outside.

Relocating his computer and his drink outside to the porch, Brendan tried to work. He rubbed his chin, feeling bare skin for the first time in a long time. After meeting with Heather, he’d gone home and saved. He swore years came off with that beard. He hadn’t realized how much his beard aged him. He hoped Josh didn’t mind. Truthfully, he was glad to be rid of it. He’d grown it because most days he’d been too mentally exhausted to care about grooming. His beard itched him. He could handle a goatee but the full beard somehow made him itch.

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