Rainbow Snippet

Squeaking this in at the last minute as I battle deadlines. Happy Halloween everyone. Have a little more of my ghostly story These Haunted Hills

Josh blushed. “Sorry. I’m used to talking with people who’ve ghost hunted before. I don’t want to get into lecture mode because people don’t seem to like that.”

“If it comes down to me getting slapped by an angry ghost, feel free to lecture.”

Noted. Another kiss is out of the question?”

“Probably unless you want to start something you won’t want to finish here.”

Josh laughed. “No, definitely no outdoor sex. I don’t find it sexy, not when you think about twigs jamming sensitive spots and ticks.”

And on that note, I’m ready to head back to the car. Or at least that little beach.”

Josh took his hand. “Your wish is my command.”

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