Rainbow Snippets

I am beyond awful at updating but I will not be breaking that right now as nano is awaiting. Have a little more of These Haunted Hills. Josh is talking over upcoming paranormal investigations with his BFF Cassia and he has to tell her about Brendan only it’s not as easy as he’d like.

Once they were settled on the couch and Spock was up on the screen trying to explain that Sarek was his father, Josh tried to work up his nerve for his own awkward conversation. Hopefully Cassia would take is it as well as Kirk with less over acting.

“Okay, I did do something.”

“No, shit? Really? I can’t believe it!” She popped a pick of Pikachu in her mouth.

Okay so much for less over acting. “Well, not something, more like someone.”

She stopped mid-chew and hard swallowed the chuck of soybean wrapped fish and rice. “What?”

“Brendan and I are in a relationship,” he said slowly, poking a swirl of egg drop through the rich hot and sour soup. “I think at any rate.”

“Can you say that again? How do you not know?”

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