Rainbow Snippets

I missed last week because it was the anniversary of my life-changing injury. The state of my head isn’t much better but at this point is anyone’s with the state of the world?

I’m continuing with These Haunted Hills. Josh and Brendan are back at the murder hotel talking about the possibility it’s not haunted by a ghost but rather something more demonic.

“I don’t know. Anything is possible. Great horror happened here. Maybe Diana had been possessed. I can’t see it hanging around in the middle of an abandoned hotel for a century though, unless it’s somehow bound here. No one really knows what shadow men are or if they are evil or neutral.”

“I listened to some of the Coast to Coast AM talk shows about them. I noticed that they said some people even think they’re from another dimension or extra-terrestrial.” Brendan grimaced. While he was willing to accept there was life on other planets, he couldn’t think of a single reason they’d appear in doorways and in abandoned asylums in shadow form.

“I’ve read some neuroscience articles on shadow men. It’s not exactly my field of biology but I could follow it. Something about sleep paralysis, Hypnogogic hallucinations and functional disturbances in the right parietal cortex and the mirror neuron system.”

Brendan widened his eyes. Josh’s enthusiasm for ghost hunting made it easy to forget sometimes that he was a scientist.

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