Rainbow Snippets

The world is being so hard and coupling that with how hard it’s been in my own life I almost missed getting this up. Had my stitches out but the wound didn’t heal as well as I’d have liked. Spent this week (and the foreseeable future) fixing that issue. Then the cat almost broke his leg. It’s all soft tissue but it was also a lot of money to find that out. Sigh.

Have some more of These Haunted Hills, the guys discussing the murder hotel. The first two lines are from last week as a lead in

Brendan widened his eyes. Josh’s enthusiasm for ghost hunting made it easy to forget sometimes that he was a scientist.

Josh flushed slightly as if embarrassed he might be talking over Brendan’s head, which he sort of was. “Anyhow that would only explain the bedroom intruder form of shadow people, not the ones we see else. Besides, it’s most likely we encountered Diana or one of her victims.” Josh unbuckled and slid out of the truck. Brendan took a moment to admire that denim-clad ass as Josh did so.  “The victims could be angry that any one is happy here.”

The Rainbow Snippet group can be found on Facebook. It’s a fun low-pressure snippet sharing group for LGBTQ+ fiction. Come join us. https://www.facebook.com/groups/RainbowSnippets

8 thoughts on “Rainbow Snippets”

  1. All that happiness at the sight of Josh’s ass…the ghosts may be feeling peeved. After all, that ass is beyond their reach forever…now I’m starting to feel sorry for the ghosts. I’m sure Josh and Brendan do, too…

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