Rainbow snippets

The good news from the vascular surgeon is I still have good blood flow in my leg. The less good news is the orthopedic surgeon still has me on a walker (which is needed I agree) but maybe for another 6 weeks. Sigh. I should be editing this novel but I am having trouble motivating.

Picking up These Haunted Hills where I left off with Brendan freshly returned from Columbus waiting on Josh who’s been out in the woods near his cabin.

He eventually lost himself in the haunted world he was creating, not even hearing Josh’s approach until he was shockingly close. Josh waved, a bashful expression on his face as if he were sorry he’d startled Brendan. He wore jeans with the knees torn out and a T-shirt with a dragon sitting on a hoard of books with the words ‘book wyrm’ on it. He had twigs in his blond hair and a smudge of dirt across the bridge of his nose.

“Hey. You’re back. I almost didn’t recognize you.” Josh scrubbed a hand over his chin, leaving behind more dirt.

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